Sunday, April 10, 2011

Vegan nail polish remover

For my fellow vegans and vegetarians out there, I need to spread some awareness.

Nail polish remover is not vegan!

Maybe I am the only person who knew about this, maybe other people didn't know as well.  But either way, it's really hard to find a nail polish remover without gelatin. I don't know, it just never occurred to me that nail polish remover would actually have gelatin in it, or any other non-vegan products. The normal "Cutex"nail polish remover has gelatin, and so does all the cvs brands. I have been searching for a while, but I finally found the right one.

This is the Sally Hansen fast acting nail polish remover. So far, this is the only vegan nail polish remover I have found that actually works well. I have bought a 100% organic and all natural nail polish remover in the past but that was horrible! This nail polish remover, however, is actually really really good, and even removing glitter nail polishes is not that difficult.


  1. That product may be vegan, but Sally Hansen is an animal-testing company.

  2. You can just use pure acetone unless you're using acrylic nails.